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Gem State Specialists.
807 Hunter St.
P. O. Box 619
Mullan, ID. 83846
Bus: 800-257-7467
FAX: 208-744-1143

Gem State Specialists, Inc.
Computer Networking Division


Gem State Specialists has been in the computer business since the first Micro-Computers hit the streets. Today you can reap the benefits of those years of experience in software design, engineering and designing reliable computer networks. Call us at 800-257-7467!


We'll help you with the entire process of getting your business networked! From the smallest office to the Corporate WAN, we can assist you with ways to make your business run smoother and more efficiently.

We can design and install your Corporate Network.Typical network layout

As your business and computing needs grow, your network will become more complex. Good planning from the onset can save you money and trouble later.

If you have branch offices, CITRIX Thin Client technology may offer a good solution for speeding your remote computing over a low bandwidth WAN.

At Gem State Specialists, we take the time to work WITH you, not just FOR you. Your needs and future growth are our #1 concern!